Ecosystem Ponds, Waterfalls, Streams, Wetlands, and Bogs

Award Winning Water Features Inspired by Nature




Transform your yard into a private oasis!  Just imagine a babbling brook, cascading waterfalls, playful koi, and water lilies awaiting you at the end of every day.  Falling water is music to tired ears!  And its wonderful to enjoy the changes through the seasons.

Our  goal in water gardening is to create a naturally balanced, low-maintenance aquatic ecosystem that allows pond owners more relaxation time by their ponds and less time worrying about maintenance. In biological terms, a community or ecosystem can be defined as organisms (the plants and animals in a pond) interacting with one another within a particular environment (your pond). A pond ecosystem encompasses all the parts of this environment, including living plants and animals, water, air, and the sunlight. Backyard ponds can function as ecosystems because they act as a host to a total interrelationship of all organisms in the environment – birds, fish, frogs, plants, many microscopic organisms, bacteria, and fungus.

An Ecosystem Pond built by Rocky Mountain WaterScape will contain a biological filter and pond skimmer to form a unique filtration system resulting in a crystal clear pond.  A filtration system is one of the most important aspects in a well maintained pond. Wetlands and bogs also serve to aid in the filtration of the pond’s water, helping it to stay clean and fresh naturally.