I had Mark install the IonGen in my pond. I had HORRIBLE string algae that was uncontrollable by any means (I tried everything - hyacinth, barley straw extract and pads, powder and liquid algaecides, lots of bacteria - but nothing worked). I had NO algae this year after the IonGen. NONE. I did have to throw away the hyacinth I ordered as they don't seem to like the copper very much, but my cattails did fine. Two thumbs way up! Thanks Mark.

Hi Mark,
Just wanted to say that the IonGen that was installed this year could be the best item I have ever purchased for our pond. Our pond is approximately 7 years old and has had a chronic problem with algae. It did not matter what we tried it was always a problem.

The Ion generator that was installed this year works excellent. I believe it should be a standard installation for all new ponds. We just put in aqua clear once per month and we are good to go.

Thanks again,
Dennis Okey

Thank you, Mark, for your service, help and doing a great job,  Thanks to Lannie too for the plant placement.  Mark, you are very conscientious and really care about your business and the work that you and your crew do.  It was a pleasure to work with you all -

Thank you so very much!         

Mariann Lastoka

Rocky Mountain WaterScape (RMW) rebuilt and maintained the pond we inherited when we bought a house in Niwot, CO.  We were so impressed with their work that we decided to ask them to travel to California and build us another Koi pond when we moved to our newly constructed home in Camarillo, CA.  Lucky for us, they were adventurous enough to pursue the endeavor.

Everything we already knew about RMW led us to expect that we would end up with a great pond.  We expected a unique design, with beautiful waterfalls, and a functional layout that would be easy to maintain.  However, we knew that by making this long-distance commitment, there would be some pretty big challenges, the least of which was dodging wet weather during the wettest rainy season in Camarillo in a long time.

They not only overcame every challenge they faced, but gave us the best-looking complete pond environment that we have ever seen.  The pond:

  1.     is a complete, largely self-sustaining, ecosystem

  2.     fits the yard perfectly with waterfalls, a bridge, and is perfectly proportioned to the surrounding features of    the yard

  3.     has components that fit together for a natural, balanced look - the style and placement of rock, the location of the bridge, the type and arrangement of the plants, the shape of the pond, the creative design of the waterfalls, the complimentary lighting

  4.     has top of the line equipment, is easily maintained with a minimum of effort and time, with all the tools and training required to do the maintenance ourselves

  5.     cost almost exactly the same as their original estimate despite all the unknowns

In spite of the unique challenges RMW had to face, the result was the best pond they have ever built.  Everyone who has seen the pond since it was completed is awestruck.  Our landscaper, who has the local reputation as the best in the business (also designs and builds ponds himself), told us, after seeing the pond RMW built, “Now I know why you got them to come all this way!”

Rocky Mountain WaterScape obviously takes a great deal of pride in their creative work.  They are professionals all the way.  We hold them in high regard and give them our strongest endorsement.

Bill and Jan Meier

February 5, 2002

Dear Mark,

We just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the wonderful job your company did on our pond last summer.  It has been and continues to be the most relaxing spot in our yard.  The sound of the water mingled with the colors of the flowers has produced a wonderful setting.  We have received many compliments and hope some of our friends have called you for their waterscape needs.

We greatly appreciated the professional and courteous manner you displayed during the construction.  The design and workmanship were exemplary and the follow-up service prompt and unquestioning.

Please do not hesitate to have any potential customers contact us.  We certainly will gladly recommend anyone to your company.


George & Jackie L.

June 27, 2011

The Iris bloomed for three beautiful days. Love my pond!!

Janet N.

August 12, 2011

Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for our beautiful pond.  The workmanship is excellent and we are really enjoying it.  We would recommend you to anyone who is considering putting in a pond in their backyard.


Marsha & Roger Prince

August 8, 2011

I have been dreaming about a waterfall for several years and saved a specific place for it next to my patio.  I have gone to several home shows over the past two years and have seen the waterfall designs by several different companies.  The waterfall designs by Rocky Mountain WaterScape were so much more beautiful than any of the other designs and exactly what I was looking for.  Mark Russo came out to discuss ideas for the waterfall and designed it so that the waterfall could be enjoyed from many different areas on my patio.  His crew was professional and friendly and answered all my questions and tweaked a couple of water directions for me once the waterfall started to take shape.  I am very happy with the waterfall design and installation that Rocky Mountain WaterScape delivered and would recommend them to anyone who is considering adding any type of waterfall or water feature to their home.  The only problem I have now is I’m not getting enough sleep because I’m not going to bed on time, because the waterfall is even more beautiful at night with the lights on.  :-)

Lorri Forsythe

Brighton, CO


I can't speak more highly about the owner, Mark, and this company!! So responsive and a joy to work with. Thank you Rocky Mountain Waterscape! 

Dina Marie